Dr Thierry Bron - Liposculpture ou liposuccion

Liposculpture – Liposuction

This is an intervention to definitively eliminate excess localized fat. It remodels your figure and is increasingly combined with lipofilling (or liposculpture – grafting liposuctioned fat) to increase the projection of some areas (buttocks, breasts, cheekbones, calves, etc.) or fill in certain wrinkles.


Crisalix is 3D simulation software that shows the results of aesthetic surgery. This tool helps patients better express their request and enables surgeons to give clear, reasoned explanations. Patients are therefore better informed when they decide to have an operation.


  • Can a liposuction remove orange-peel skin?
    Although this is not the main aim, removing fat from a body part can smooth out an orange-peel effect. The intervention to reliably remove an orange-peel effect involves sectioning fibrous attachments connecting the deep plane to the skin (using an extremely sharp cannula under general anaesthetic in an operating theatre, or a Cellfina® device under local anaesthetic at your doctor’s surgery).
  • Is liposuction painful?
    Liposuction is most often done under general anaesthetic and causes aches, which are relieved by type 1 analgesics (Paracetamol®).

Before the intervention

  • Two consultations need to be arranged: one with the plastic surgeon and the other with the anaesthetist.
  • You will be given a quote and a mutual informed consent form, which must both be signed before the intervention.
  • Stop smoking for 1 month before and after the intervention.
  • Take iron supplements for 1 month before the intervention if you are anaemic (low level of red blood cells).
  • Do not take aspirin (except for cardiovascular indications to be discussed with your cardiologist and/or anaesthetist) for 10 days before the intervention.
  • Do not take anti-inflammatory drugs for 10 days before the intervention.
  • Shaving is not obligatory but is recommended.
  • Pre-operative photographs are taken.
  • 15-day medico-legal reflection period (which cannot be shortened) between the 1st consultation and the intervention.

Day of the intervention

  • Local or general anaesthetic, depending on the type and number of areas.
  • Duration of the intervention: 45 mins-3 hours on average, depending on the type and number of areas.
  • You can go home the same day (outpatient procedure) or the following day, depending on the type and number of areas.

After the intervention

  • Wear compression stockings for 3 weeks.
  • Wear a compression garment day and night for 4 weeks.
  • Oedema for 1-2 weeks.
  • Return to work: after 3-7 days on average, depending on your work environment.
  • Resume sport: after 6 weeks.
  • Final result obtained: after 2-6 months.
  • Consultations after 15 days, 3 months and 12 months for a clinical check-up and to take post-operative photographs.


  • Figure liposuction from 3,900 €

Our prices include hospitalization, operating room, anesthesia, surgery, surgical assistance and follow-up for one year.

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