Dr Thierry Bron - Injection de toxine botulique, acide hyaluronique

Botulinum toxin injections

In aesthetic medicine, botulinum toxin injections (commonly called Botox® injections) help relax certain muscles causing wrinkles and fine lines. Botulinum toxin is reliable, safe and has been used in medicine for the past 40 years, especially in ophthalmology and neurology. More recently, it has also been used to treat facial expression wrinkles.


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  • What is the purpose of botulinum toxin injections
    Botulinum toxin injections (Botox®) smooth out glabellar frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes and bitterness folds at the corners of the mouth. Botulinum toxin is also used to treat excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis) of the armpits, hands and feet.
  • What are the benefits of botulinum toxin injections
    Expression wrinkles linked to facial-muscle contractions are smoothed out. The eye area is opened up and the face looks younger.
  • What is the expected outcome of botulinum toxin injections
    The results are visible after 4 days and last 4-6 months on average.

Before the intervention

  • Initial medico-surgical consultation.
  • Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs for 8 days prior to the intervention.
  • 15-day reflection period between the 1st consultation and the intervention.

Day of the intervention

  • Local topical anaesthetic using anaesthetic cream.
  • Series of facial injections.
  • Duration of the intervention: 10-20 minutes on average.
  • You can resume normal activity immediately after the injections.

After the intervention

  • Do not rub the injection sites for 6 hours.
  • Return to work: immediately after the session.
  • Resume sport: after 24 hours.
  • Final result obtained: after 4-10 days.
  • Duration of the result: 4-6 months.


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