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This enhances the aesthetic appearance of breasts by enlarging, lifting or reducing them to remodel their shape. This surgery helps make women look young and feminine again, while also preserving a stable, natural appearance.

This restores natural freshness to the face: smoothing out certain wrinkles; enhancing an eye area whose pockets, bags or droopy eyelids make it look tired; rejuvenating a gaunt face with weak cheekbones; harmonizing a poorly defined oval, sagging neck, or out-of-proportion nose; pinning back protruding ears, etc.

This remodels the body by reducing or increasing its volume. This surgical sculpting can tighten up the stomach, slim down the waist and knees, harmonize the hips, lift the thighs and arms by removing excess fat, and reshape the buttocks and legs.

This obtains quick, visible results and can delay or even avoid surgery. It is used especially to enhance the face by smoothing out forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet and glabellar frown lines; plump up lips that are too thin; restore volume to weak cheekbones; and firm up facial skin.

This enhances the functioning and aesthetic appearance of the genitals. For women, it can reduce prominent labia minora, restore volume to the labia majora, thicken the vagina if it is too wide, augment the G-spot, reconstruct the hymen, etc. For men, lengthening and/or thickening the penis puts an end to complexes disrupting their social and sex life.



Le fabricant d’implants mammaires Allergan annonce le retrait mondial du modèle Biocell car il a été associé à la survenue d’un cancer rare du système immunitaire

L’augmentation mammaire par prothèses mammaires permet de retrouver sa féminité avec un aspect naturel et pérenne. C’est une intervention fiable, pouvant être effectuée en ambulatoire, sous anesthésie générale.…

The technique of breast augmentation by prostheses and injection of fat makes it possible to camouflage the implant. The result is more natural, imperceptible to the touch and the sight.
This is for me the most…


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